Remzi Başbuğ president of Assuva Savunma Sanayi, says that is FAKE NEWS the contract of 50 drones from greek goverment.

Remzi Başbuğ president of Assuva Savunma Sanayi, says that is FAKE NEWS the contract of 50 drones from greek goverment.

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of Michalis Hairetakis.

Following the uproar over the news of the acquisition of 50 Turkish-made drones by the Greek army, there was an official denial from the Ministry of National Defense.
But something did not stick in the whole story. How did such a rumor come about? How it was released. Searching the internet I discovered the source of the news which is the following:

I found Remzi Başbuğ on his official facebook page and we had a very interesting dialogue that is being interviewed with his permission.

Hi: Good evening Mr. Basbug
There is a great deal of discussion here in Greece about a so-called contract between the Assuva Group and the Greek Army.
So far there is a formal denial of the contract.
Can you provide us with any document as proof of the matter?
Michalis Hairetakis

Basbug: There is no contract between us.
Hair: Thank you, there is some proof that you sent them 2 pieces, because they accuse you of being a liar.
Basbug: This is fake news, there is no contract between us.
(I quote the link to the ahaber video)
Basbug: If you listen to the conversation well, I say there is no contract between us.
This drone is used in search and rescue operations, not for military purposes.
There is a demand worldwide.
Hair: Yes, I got it. It is not for military purposes but for rescue purposes. Did they ask you orally?
Basbug: Orally, an explanation was given for its performance and features. But the person who called from Greece is not from the Ministry of Defense. We do not have a contract with the Greek Ministry of Defense. The news channels said too much news and stuff. This product is not a regular war drone
Hair: As I understand it, there are 2 companies that sell your drone in Greece, and the price ranges between 30,000 and 42,500 euros.
Basbug: Yes, we have a sales network in many parts of the world. Our products are non-military, general purpose products.
Hair: However, in India, your product costs about $ 9,000. Why are there so many differences?

Basbug: We have many different products. More than one model. For this, I will send you a link to check out the products. All products and prices are on this site
Hair: Thank you. Are these official export prices?
Basbug: Yes, these are the right official prices.
Hi: I see that your product looks like the DJI Matrice 600 PRO. Is it a variation or is it completely new? So do you use the same parts?
Basbug: The software and sub-hardware are ours, the subsoil detector and the sensors as well. If you want I will send you detailed photos. It is 60% Turkish product. Software is 100% our development.
Hair: Thank you very much, can I use our dialogue as an interview?
Basbug: Of course let’s look at your text first before uploading it.
Hi: Thank you. I think your company is an example of smart innovation. Thank you again. The conversation with you clarified several things.

The interview with Mr. Basbug left me with mixed feelings. His Excellency, answered the questions and clarified that this is fake, fabricated news
Neighbors innovate by taking existing technology and adding their own know-how, with methodical work and without very high costs.
What do we do?

ΥΓ. Mr Basbug did not ask for any correction in the original text, but said it was very informative. The photos were provided by him.

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